10K Sponsored Walk


On Sunday, May 12th I am walking 10k for our chosen Charity of the Year, Carer Support Spelthorne and so I am on a mission to raise some money.

The 10k walk is taking place locally to me, after all CSS is a local charity and one I have used myself. I’m hoping to walk it with Z strapped to me, so that’s an extra 12lbs+ of weight!

I’m writing this post as obviously I’m on the hound for sponsorship. Not much, whatever you can spare. Whether that’s 50p or a £1. Every little bit will help.

Carer Support Spelthorne are a great charity that rely on donations. They offer their services to Carers for free and are always arranging days out and trips for Carers and those they care for.

They have helped me in the past with filling out many forms tat comes with having a child with a disability. They have been on the end of the phone listening to me cry when I’ve had a bad few days and felt like I could no longer cope. They hold support groups each week for other parents/Carers to get together and discuss things and offer help and advice.

Now it’s my turn to do a little for them. If you could sponsors me then that would be great! You can click on the “Donate” button at the top right hand side of my blog or you can email charity@confessionofsahm.com with how much you’d like to pledge.

Thank you so much, and I will post pictures of the walk and let you know how it went.