Rach’s Place: 2015 in Review

Last year I vowed that I would take a more laid back approach to blogging. That I would no longer put pressure on myself to blog and keep up with others. That I would stop comparing my space on the web to others and how they are doing. I would stop thinking it’s all competitive.

I am so pleased that I managed to stick to it!

The past year I have taken a step back from this blog. I haven’t felt compelled to have to blog every day or even every week. Some months I have only managed one post, and that’s been fine with me because it has been something that I truly wanted to say, and not just writing a load of bullshit for the sake of getting traffic and ratings.

I have had some amazing opportunities this year, despite not blogging so much, so maybe it really is all about quality rather than quantity that counts?

I have also worked with some amazing charities and helped spread the word about some important work.

So, without further ado, here is Rach’s Place in Review, 2015.

Charity Work

January saw me team up with Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust and their #SmearForSmear Campaign.

In February, I let you know about my local children’s hospice, Shooting Star Chase, and their Climb To The Stars campaign.

In March, I teamed up with Cancer Research Race for Life and joined their 2015 Blogger Team!

March also saw me team up with Shooting Star Chase again and bring you a guest post from them about what to do when your friend has a life-limited child.

September saw me run my Race for Life. Despite running on my own and having no family there to cheer me on, I managed to complete the 5k obstacle course in a respectable 50 minutes.


I wanted 2015 to be all about positivity and changing the way I saw the world. To stop dwelling on the past and concentrate on the future, on being happy. I have had my ups and downs this year, but they haven’t been as bad as previous years. Change is not a sprint, but a marathon and will take time.

Health and Fitness

2015 saw me get back into shape (although I have plateaued slightly and need to kick my arse in gear again!)

At the end of January, I completed my first ever 5k OCR! It was an amazing experience!

In July, we attended a fab new festival, GoFest. The UK’s Family Festival of Sport, Dance, Health and Fitness.

July also saw me team up with Body Building Warehouse and I asked them some questions about fitness.

With my Race For Life edging closer, in August, I shared some RFL Training Tips to help you get ready.

One of my most favourite events of the year has to be the #NewMumFitness campaign with Kimberley Wyatt, Instructor Live and Kiddicare. Meeting Kimberley was amazing and she’s so down to earth.


This year saw the birth of Princess Charlotte. In April, with the help of Britax, I wrote a letter to Kate on introducing George to his new sibling.


Love Peanut Butter Cups but not the unhealthy side of them? Why not try my Protein Peanut Butter Cups instead!


The children got to review some amazing things this year. The girls loved reviewing the ButterBee Cottage Dolls House in February. They even did a video review for their YouTube Channel.

March saw us reviewing the brand new Smile pushchair from Britax. We love this pushchair and still use it now!

In April, the kids and I were invited to a fun event with Samsung to launch their new Samsung Smart TV Kids Club. We had such a blast!

In June, whilst on my trip to Turkey, I reviewed a pair of Trespass Women’s Scour Grey Walking boots. They were super comfy and nothing like walking boots I have worn before! In August, we reviewed the

In August, we reviewed the Britax King II ATS car seat as part of the Mumbassador team.

During the summer break, the children and I visited Innocent Towers to learn all about their #InnocentFiveADay campaign at their Fruit and Veg Fest.

Sex and Relationships

2015 saw me open up a lot. Perhaps some may say too much, but I’m not a prude and I think it’s about time that we stopped treating sex as such a taboo subject. This is why I decided to share how my husband and I manage to maintain intimacy in our 13-year relationship.

With sexual abuse reports on the rise, in December, I met with a Surrey Police Detective and we discussed the support available to victims of abuse.


In May, I was invited to spend a week on a gulet in the Mediterranean with Mediterranean Delights Fitness Voyage. We set off in June and spent an amazing week exploring Turkey and Greece! My friend Amy and I loved it so much, that we are going again in 2016!!


Here is to an amazing, and relaxed 2016!


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  1. Rachel Bitmead
    December 24, 2015 / 8:28 pm

    Wow yoo have done some much in 1 year! All without stressing yourself over your blog – good for you! Here’s to 2016 and more happiness and opportunities for you and your family x