30 Day Shredz

Those who follow me on a regular basis will know how up and down my weight often is, and how I fall in and out of love with working out.

I have done a tonne of posts regarding my fitness throughout the years; and here is another one.

This time, though, I feel differently about writing this. I really feel like I have found the joy in working out, and finally combating my weight issues.

As with most people, I over indulged at Christmas and it took me a while to get back into the groove of going to the gym.

The month before my trip to Turkey, I decided to really bite the bullet and invested in the Shredz 30 Day Weight Loss Plan.

30 Day Shredz

Priced at €200 (approx £158) it isn’t cheap, but having followed Shredz and a few of their athletes on various social media channels for a while, I decided to give it a go.

There is a separate plan for men and women, although you get the same amount with each plan (the workouts will differ though).

With the plan you get:

1 Bottle of SHREDZ® BURNER (contains 60 capsules)
1 Bottle of SHREDZ® TONER  (contains 90 capsules)
1 Bottle of SHREDZ® DETOX (contains 60 capsules)
1 Jar of SHREDZ® BCAA+GLUTAMINE (contains 30 servings)
1  Fat Loss Blueprint (download)
1 Gym Workout Guide (download)
1 Home Workout Guide (download)
1 Butt Workout Guide (download)
1 Core Workout Guide (download)


I hadn’t really taken supplements before, so I wasn’t sure how my body would react to them. I took some Raspberry Ketones a few years ago but stopped as they gave me heart palpitations. Whilst I am all for taking supplements to aid recovery and weight loss, as soon as they have a bad effect, stop them immediately.

I downloaded the guides straight away but waited to receive the rest of my pack before starting the workouts.

Whilst the workouts themselves aren’t particularly difficult to do, the plan itself is pretty intense with working out 2 days, with one day rest in between. If you are not used to that kind of commitment, then you may struggle with it at first.

However, it does get easier.

You should also take pictures before and after your 30-day plan. I am not a huge fan of scales – after all, muscle weighs more than fat. I would rather be able to see my progress in a picture as opposed to a number.

Here is my before:

30 Day Shredz

As you can see, my main problem area is definitely my tummy. It seems to be where all my weight sticks to and having had four babies, I find it incredibly difficult to shift.

I was pretty good with sticking to my workout routine. If I were working out on a day when all the children were at school, then I would go in the morning. If I had Zachary home, or it was a weekend, then I would generally go in the evening.

I definitely found out that I am much more a morning workout person. Whilst I do get a second wind of energy in the evenings, I found I pushed myself a lot more in the mornings and managed to get a good glisten on!

Taking the supplements themselves was pretty easy and I had no adverse effects. I absolutely loved the BCAA’s drink. I got it in pink lemonade flavour and it was delish.

Whilst I could have done more with my diet, I found that I wasn’t as strict as I could have been. I cut out most of the bad stuff, but still had a cheeky takeaway on a Saturday. I am sure if I cut this out, I may have done a little better.

30 Day Shredz

When I first saw my after pictures, I have to admit, I cried. I felt so disappointed with myself – to the point that I didn’t even share my end result on social media and was debating whether to even write this post.

However, having had time for it to sink in, I can see that I have made progress. My body had changed. I have gained strength and stamina. I did weigh myself at the end (as well as the beginning) and did lose 2kg (about 2.2lbs).

I had also lost around 4kgs before starting this journey, so it is getting there slowly.

I need to remember that my weight loss did not go on in 30 days, therefore, it is not all going to come off in 30 days. It is going to take changes and time, and a hell of a lot of patience from me – something I struggle with when I want to see results quickly.

As they say, it’s a marathon, not a sprint!


Here are my Day One and Day Thirty pictures next to each other, so you can see the change (albeit minimal).

30 Day Shredz


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    You are doing such a great job with the weight loss thanks for sharing 

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