Week 34

I am starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel! We have just 5 weeks to go until we get to meet our little man. The eldest 2 children are back to school in just over a week, so I am hoping the rest of the time will fly by. I still have loads to do before he is here, like sort the house out, wash things and buy bits we need.

Things are very busy here at the moment, but hopefully they will calm down soon. I just can’t wait to meet him and see what this little person who is keeping me up at night looks like. Although I seriously hope that his nighttime antics do not continue when he is out of the womb.

I’m still feeling a bit crappy after the past week. It turned out I didn’t have a UTI after all and I am still unsure as to what it was that was causing all the pains. I saw my GP last Thursday who examined my belly and said that he was head down and his back was lying right down the middle of my belly, bum under my ribs and he would be facing out towards my back. This could explain why I have been really uncomfortable, along with him popping his head in and out of my pelvis.

I have lost another 1lb this week, which I don’t think is good at all? Total pregnancy weight gain is now down to just 3lbs…but it’s not like I am not eating. I am, just I cannot eat as much as I normally would and find I am snacking a lot on fruit, nuts and raw veg, so this probably accounts for some of the weight loss I guess?

Not much happening with baby this week, apart from he is continuing to pile on the weight and getting rounder so he can regulate his body temperature when he is born.

Judging by my bump picture, he is definitely growing in there!!!