A change is as good as any?



The last few months I have been struggling with where I want this blog to go, what path do I want to take, and even do I want to continue this venture anymore.

I do want to continue blogging, but I am in 2 minds as to whether this blog has run its course, or its name at least. But is it that easy to change the identity of a blog? of a space that is my own, that I have spent 19 months (on and off) creating. I’m still mulling idea’s over and I am really toying with changing the name of it. But would that confuse everyone? Would it cause a lot of hassle to change and update the blog? Or would it be worth it? and most importantly, what do I call it?

Any suggestions or idea’s would be much appreciated. I love blogging and I love my little corner in the Blogger-verse that I have created, so I don’t want to completely give it up, but I think it needs a bit of a schuzz up. What do you think??