Air Wick Essential Pearls Candle Review

I am a big fan of candles, especially scented ones and they can often be found around the house – as well as a stash of them for emergencies in the cupboard.

I started using candles as a teenager, and loved oil burners. I don’t tend to use oil burners as much now because of the children but I still enjoy lighting a candle, although the opportunities are few and far between now whilst the children are small. They just make everything feel all homely and warm – especially in the winter time when the rain is pouring down and the wind is howling outside, and you’re inside snuggly wrapped in a blanket, the fire roaring and some candles flickering in the darkness.

Air Wick Essential Pearls Candle












I recently reviewed the Air Wick Essential Pearls Candle in Amber Mandarin Glow. This is a gorgeous looking scented candle. Even before opening the packaging you could smell its gorgeous aroma. The candle itself is made from a fragranced gel with a core of scented pearls which are infused with essential oils.

As each pearl melts it releases a small burst of fragrance in to the room, which enhances the scent, but is not over powering. It creates a warm, aromatic atmosphere that makes you just want to sniff the air to take it all in.

Air Wick Essential Pearls Candle The candle is in a cute glass container, which has a slight angle on the top and burns evenly – making the most of all the infused smells in the gel and pearls. The Amber Mandarin has a festive, orange smell to it – so it’s prefect for Christmas time!

Air Wick do a range of different candles with various scents. The Air Wick Essential Pearls Candles are also available in White Vanilla Bean, Scarlet Frosted Mulberry, Red Cinnamon Apple & Mulled Wine and all have a burning time of up to 35 hours. The candles are available from major supermarkets and retail between £4- £8. 

Air Wick Essential Pearls Candle


*Disclaimer – I was sent an Air Wick Essential Pearl Candle in Amber Mandarin Glow for the purpose of this review. This does not influence my opinion.

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