My Beautiful Baby Boy – 8 Months on

Baby Boy at 8 months

To my dear beautiful baby boy,

I cannot believe you are now 8 months old! Where has the time gone. I know it’s a cliché but it really does feel like only yesterday that you were born.

You’re such a little pickle at the moment, but you do get mummy and daddy worried about you.

You’re a little on the small side. Well, I say little but the fact that a 0-3 month sleep suit swamps you and you only weigh a mere 13lbs 5oz shows just how dinky you are.

You are still quite a sicky baby and the past 8 months have been tough as you seem uncomfortable a lot the time. We’re hoping that the Doctors at the hospital can help you and make you feel better.

You don’t yet roll, or sit unaided and hate being left on your tummy for too long. Hopefully you’re just taking your time and will want to do all those things soon.

You’re a cheeky monkey when you want to be, giving that cute little gummy smile to get your own way. You have everyone wrapped round your finger and at your beck and call.

Here are a few of your current Likes & Dislikes:

*Mummy Cuddles
*Seeing Daddy coming home from work
*Toddler talking to you
*Kisses – especially on your neck
*Blowing Raspberries – and having them blown on your neck, cheek and tummy
*Having your legs and feet stroked
*Watching Football
*Playing with your feet
*Being tickled
*Splashing in the bath

*Loud noises
*Not being paid attention
*Being out down
*Nap time

Your Favourites

Toy: Your giant banana and your Sophie la giraffe

Food: Anything banana flavoured, chocolate, ice cream, yoghurt and Skips

Game: Peek-a-Boo

I can’t wait to see what the next month with you holds!

Love you lots, Jelly Tot

Mummy xx