Baby Z Weight Update

Two weeks ago I wrote a post about how baby Z hadn’t gained much weight since his 6week weigh in.

Yesterday we had to go back to have his weight rechecked, as well as his height check.

In 2 weeks he has gained 2oz and now weighs 11lbs 14oz. He is 60cm long. Both the weight and height mean that Z is very below the 0.4th Centile for his age. Off the charts basically.

I know the charts are written for formula fed babies and Z is exclusively breastfed and he was born very small, but it’s still worrying that he’s not striving as well as he should be.

I came away from this afternoons clinic feeling rather disconcerted after chatting to the Health Visitor. I explained that we are trying weaning but although Z shows signs of wanting to be weaned, when I offer up foods he’s not too keen. I know perseverance is the key, so we will try different foods and see what he likes. I mentioned how he is quite a grumpy baby. He spent the whole time we were at the clinic writhing around and screaming. I explained that he suffers with colic and often his belly is hard and that the last few weeks he has been quite sickly and bringing up curdled milk.

The Health Visitor advised me to book an appointment to see our GP and show them the red book and explain the problems.

It’s really got me concerned that something is wrong. He is teething too which could also be another reason for the constant crying.

I guess I was just hoping for a few more answers. GP appointment is booked for Monday, so we’ll see what the doctor says I guess. Until then we will continue with trying different foods.

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