Birth to 12 weeks

12 weeks ago we welcomed our new baby boy in to our family. 12 weeks! 84 days! 2,016 hours!! How on earth did we get here so fast??

It really does only feel like yesterday that I woke up with contractions and didn’t realise that I was in labour, let alone that I wouldn’t get my c-section and would be delivering naturally!

If you haven’t read my amazing birth story, then you can read it {here}.

Z has changed so much the past 12 weeks. He’s starting to get his own little personality. He started smiling a few weeks ago and he loves trying to perfect it. He loves conversations and being talked to. He’ll even try to ‘chat’ back or he’ll just smile at you.

He loves having a fuss made if him and he is a real mummy’s boy!

We’re still breastfeeding, which is going well and he is getting a little chunky now! I don’t know exactly how much he weighs as I’m a bad mummy and don’t take him to clinic….but I know he’s thriving, because he’s getting heavier (he only went in to Newborn clothes at 8wk old!).

I’ve loved watching him grow and change every day…..I just wish it would slow down!