Body Building Warehouse Protein Coffee

Being in to my fitness, I am always eager to find new products to try to for hints and tips on how to enhance my gym sessions.

I was recently sent some protein coffee from Body Building Warehouse ( to try out.

Premium Range Protein Coffee – Caramel Macchiato flavour

BBW Protein Coffee

I have tried protein based products before and wasn’t too keen. I cannot have the protein shakes after a workout because I don’t like the texture. I am also not a huge fan of protein pancakes – again it’s the texture.

However, being a fan of speciality coffees and knowing that they are pretty calorific, I thought I would give the Caramel Macchiato Protein Coffee a go.

Premium Protein Coffee is a delicious, high-quality protein supplement made with 100% instantised whey protein concentrate plus real coffee. Premium Protein Coffee can be enjoyed warm or cold, and is the perfect complement to your breakfast or as an after lunch protein packed “pick me up”

Each cup provides over 17 grams of high quality protein. Protein itself contributes to the growth maintenance and development of normal bones and lean muscle mass.

There is 90mg of naturally occurring caffeine per serving. Caffeine increases alertness and attention in doses greater than 75mg per serving. It also increases endurance performance and endurance capacity when you are consuming a minimum of 3mg per kg of bodyweight, and reduces the rate of perceived exertion when consumed in doses of at least 4mg per kg of bodyweight.

This premium range coffee is ideal for anyone who loves coffee, but like me, wants an additional protein boost.

You can have the coffee either hot or cold! So if you are a fan of a nice warm coffee in the winter but iced coffee in the summer, then this product is very versatile!

To make, you simply mix 1 scoop (25g) of the coffee in 250ml of water in to your normal shaker, and shake well until mixed.

If you like it cold, simply drink as is, straight from the shaker, or pour in to a glass with some ice! If you like it warm, simply pour in to a microwavable cup, and microwave on full power for about 30 seconds. Take out and try – if it’s not warm enough then pop it back in again for another 30 seconds.

It is such a quick and simple way to have a delicious, healthy coffee without costing a fortune! And it tastes great too!

Each cup of Premium Protein Coffee is just 84 calories per cup, is made with real coffee, and comes in 3 delicious flavours – Caramel Macchiato, Cappuccino and Mochachino – and costs £14.99 per 500g bag. 


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