Britax DUALFIX Review

Being a parent, we want to keep our children safe.

Being a driver I want to make sure that my children are the safest they can be.

I’ve been researching in to rear facing car seats for a few years. They are not widely known in the UK and many parents opt to turn their child forward facing as soon as they possibly can. However, keeping your chid rear facing until around 4 years old is the safest option.

I really wanted to put Abigail rear facing, but we just couldn’t afford the seat at the time and it wouldn’t have fitted in the car properly, so reluctantly she went forward facing at 15 months old when she had to come out of her infant carrier. When we had Zachary, again I was determined to keep him rear facing. We had a bigger car with the room for a larger rear facing car seat. I had been researching the different seats, but I fell in love with the Britax DUALFIX.

I was very lucky when a few weeks ago Britax asked me, as part of the Mumbassador Team,  if I would like to review the DUALFIX for Zachary.


With the 360° rotation of the DUALFIX it’s easy to place your child in the seat and change from rearward to forward facing. Initially used rearward facing up to 9kg, you then have the option to either keep your child rearward facing or turn them forward facing, making it flexible and suitable from newborn all the way to toddler. It includes all the safety features you’d expect from BRITAX, like ISOFIX and a 5-point safety harness. You can be certain your child will be safe, no matter of their age or size

What we thought

Britax DUALFIX ReviewI genuinely LOVE this car seat. It is quite heavy and bulky, but that’s not really an issue once it is placed in the car.

Being Isofix, it’s a simple “click in” install, and make sure the leg support is in the correct position – the handy installation indicators will tell you when the seat is the correct position –  and you are ready to go.

The 360 degree swivel seat is just so handy. Zachary sits in the middle of the car, with the two girls in their car seat and booster either side. Before we would have to partly climb in to the car to get him in. Paul suffers with a compressed disc in his lower spine, and this would often cause him problems and back pain. The fact that the seat can swivel to the side with just an easy press of a button, means that he can get Zachary in with ease, strap him up and swivel him rear facing. It also means that Zachary can sit either rear facing or forward facing without having to fuss around altering the position of the car seat.

The DUALFIX has multiple recline positions, a height adjustable headrest and a five point harness which can be adjusted very easily one-handed. The seat is well padded, as well as fully padded side wings, chest pads and a belly pad, so you know your child will be comfortable and safe throughout their journey. The covers are easy to remove for washing and doesn’t require the harness to be removed first. There is also a newborn insert provided which gives your newborn extra comfort and support.

I did wonder how Zachary would take to be rear facing, as he had previously been in a forward facing car seat for a few weeks. To our surprise he really likes it. He laughs every time we swivel him in the seat. He no longer fights with us when we put him in. He loves that he can see his brother in the back, and his sisters either side.

With a retail price of around £340.00, I did initially think that this was rather expensive for a car seat, but you are definitely paying for a well built, well thought out, safe car seat. It is also worth considering that you will need only one car seat from birth until 4 years old, which really means that the car seat is only costing you around £85 a year (or £7 a month!). It’s not really that expensive when you break it down is it?

If you are looking for a rear facing car seat, I really cannot recommend the Britax DUALFIX enough.


*Disclaimer – we were sent a Britax DUALFIX in return for this review. Opinions are my own and are no way influenced. 

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