Bullies can ruin lives

Earlier I read a disturbing article. It was about a 14year old girl who was beaten up. She was beaten and kicked in the face. This incident took place in school. It was videoed by another pupil and put on YouTube. You can hear kids goading the bully on as the girl is beaten. All because the girl has ginger hair.

Bullies are vicious and they ruin lives. They knock confidence and self esteem and once they’re gone, it’s hard to get back. I should know.

I first got bullied in Primary school at just 9 years old. This lasted until I was 14. It started to happen again when I was 16 and in my final year of High School. This caused me to leave for 6months, returning only to sit my exams.

Bullies ruined my life. I was depressed. I lost all confidence and self esteem. I didn’t want to do anything. I didn’t enjoy my life and wished I’d never been born.

This all still affects me now. At 28 years old I am still feeling the aftermath of what those bullies did to me. I have endured years of counselling, being on medications, self harming and attempted suicide.

I have low self esteem and lack confidence. I am afraid to stick up for myself when in a face to face situation. I have few friends. I have depression. I have that feeling of why am I here. I have no faith in what I do and constantly need reassurance. I’m angry and I have a negative look on life.

But I bet those who bullied me don’t remember who I am or even remember bullying me. But their words will haunt me forever. They have shaped the person I am today. The person I do not like and who I do not want my children to become.

I’m still scared of bullies. Of people who display that bully boy behaviour. I pray my children never experience bullies and god forbid they are ever the bully!

I hope the bullies in that video are brought to justice. Rather than just a tap on the hand and an exclusion from the school.

It doesn’t matter whether you are physical or mentally bullied, the scars will always remain. Bullying should not be accepted or tolerated. It ruins lives and those who bully need to be stopped!