Cabbage Patch Kids Turn 30!

Yesterday we got up early and headed off in to London for a very special event!

We had been invited to the Cabbage Patch Kids 30th Birthday Party at Hamley’s Toys Store!

I’m not sure who was more excited! Me or the girls 🙂

I had a Cabbage Patch Kid as a child (although I don’t remember it being as cute as the new modern one’s) but I’ve never been to Hamley’s before, so was certainly an experience for me.

We arrived for a 9:30am start for our Exclusive Party, and exclusive it was! We had the WHOLE of the Hamley’s store to ourselves!!!

It was great fun! The children got to meet and greet some real life Cabbage Patch Kids. They played party games (Prancer won a Cabbage Patch Kid on the Duck Duck Goose Game), we ate some fabulous 80’s Retro party food and the girls got their faces painted. There was also a Magician and some Arts and Crafts to be done.

After the girls were given their party bags, we were allowed to explore the store before it opened to the general public.

We had an amazing time and the girls really enjoyed the party….what do you think of our party pictures?

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