Cancer Research RFL Training Tips

My Race for Life for Cancer Research is quickly approaching, and before I know it, I will be partaking in the Pretty Muddy 5K at Windsor.

Training over the summer break has been harder than anticipated. Getting to the gym has been hard work, so I am feeling less prepared than I had hoped for.

However, I would like to share some training tips with you from Cancer Research. These are especially useful if you are competing in one of their Pretty Muddy races.

Cancer Research’s Training Tips

1. Wear shoes which are comfortable and supportive

Regardless of whether you are running the 5k or Half Marathon. Good, supportive footwear is a must.

2. A good sports bra is a key investment

Regardless of your bust size, it’s important to protect those beauties from the impact of running.

3. If you’re new to running, start gradually and build up

Such simple advice, which is often ignored. Just because you can walk, doesn’t mean you can run – believe me! Gradually building up will allow you to maintain control of your breathing as well as your stamina.

4. If you can, get a team together to train to keep you all motivated

We all know that exercising alone can be pretty boring, so training with a few friends will make it more fun.

5. Always go at a pace which feels comfortable to you

Ignore the word RACE. Concentrate on yourself and your pace and be proud of what you achieve.

6. Make sure you warm up and cool down to avoid injury

No one likes an injury, so a good warm up and cool down is vital.

7. Eating a balanced diet will keep you feeling great

There is no point exercising if you’re going to stuff your face with high calorie junk. Eating healthily whilst maintaining a good exercise routine will have you feeling fab in no time!

8. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated

When you exercise you sweat – tonnes! You need to replace this, so make sure that you have plenty of water at hand when exercising.

Downloadable Plan

Cancer Research also have a six-week training plan that you can download and print off to track your training sessions and make sure that you are in tip-top shape for your Pretty Muddy 5k.

You can download your copy by clicking on the picture below:

RLF Training Plan

Are you running a Race for Life Pretty Muddy 5K? I’d love to know!!

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