Captain J Sparrow

Yesterday J was back at the hospital seeing the Orthoptist for his regular eye check.

He has been wearing glasses since he was 3 years old after we got him referred for an early eye test as we noticed he was rather clumsy and couldn’t see what was in front of him.

He was diagnosed with being long sighted and quite badly! How awful did we feel!

So, he started glasses and he has a full eye exam once a year with the Opthamologist and 2 checks in-between with the Orthoptist.

His last Opthamology appointment saw his prescription in lenses change (slight improvement). However, his left eye is deteriorating and there is a difference in vision between his left and right eye sight. They discussed patching his good eye but wanted to wait a bit first.

We returned yesterday and although there has been more improvement it was not good enough. So we started patching there an then. He will be patched on his good eye every day for 2 hours for the next few months and hopefully it’ll work.

As he is now 7, his sight is getting harder to correct, but we’re hoping this works!! Time will tell.