Childhood Nutrition and Obesity Prevention with Future Fit Training

Ever since I properly started on my fitness journey this year, I have really got into learning more about nutrition – not just for me but for the children too.

Obesity is a huge problem in the UK and lots of kids are becoming increasingly larger and this is having such a detrimental effect on their overall well-being.

But did you know that someone can be overweight but still malnourished? It’s all about the types of food you put into your body and as parents, the food we feed our children.

I am all for the odd take out and indulgent meal – but it is all about balance and moderation.


Last month I attended an event at Action PR with Nutritional Scientist, Tilly Spurr and Future Fit Training.

Tilly explained the importance of nutrition in childhood and how Future Fit Training is offering a Childhood Nutrition and Obesity Prevention course. We were also given the opportunity to sign up for the course.

Obviously, the course is not going to give you the accreditation of being a registered nutritionist, but it will expand your knowledge about nutrition, to the point where you will be able to give advice.

I am really enjoying completing this course at the moment. I felt that I had a decent amount of knowledge on nutrition before, but the course has most certainly helped to expand that.

The course itself is all based online, so it can be completed at your own pace – and there are no prerequisites.

The course covers a multitude of areas regarding nutrition and obesity prevention; including:

  • The importance of nutrition
  • Influences on a child’s diet
  • Nutrition for infants / toddlers / preschool children
  • Nutrition in childhood
  • Physical activity throughout childhood
  • Food labels
  • Portion sizes
  • Nutrition concerns
  • Childhood obesity
  • Developing a weight management programme
  • Working with children

At the end of each module, you are asked a few questions to make sure that you have understood the information given. Whilst you have to get all the questions right to proceed, there is no limit to the number of times you can take the little test.

There is also an online exam at the end of the course to test your understanding.


Currently in the UK, roughly one in three children leaves primary school either overweight or obese.

This course is great for parents like me, who want to ensure that their children are being given the best start they possibly can – and teach them about nutrition so they can make the correct food choices for themselves.

The Childhood Nutrition and Obesity Prevention Course is available online at and costs £129.00.

*disclaimer: I have been offered the chance to do the Future Fit training course in Childhood Nutrition and Obesity Prevention for free in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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