Christmas Gift Idea

Christmas seems to arrive earlier and earlier each year, and with every year that passes I find if harder and harder to think of gifts for the little ones.

When looking for gifts for kids, I try to think of something that will be practical and useful. There’s nothing like giving a gift that’s not appreciated or that only lasts a little while. I also try to gift friends and relatives children with something other than toys as you never truly know what they may already have.

This is why I love the ‘Top 5 Trunki Toybox Fillers’.


Everyone LOVES the Trunki and I LOVE that there are other fun Trunki products that you can buy that are great gifts and not extortionate in price!

One of the products on the Trunki’s Top 5 Toybox Fillers list are the SnooziHedz which are a 3 in 1 Travel Pal, Pillow and Blanket. It comes in several different characters including Pippin Penguin, Milo Monkey, Leeroy Lion,  Dudley Dinosaur and the original Betsy and Bert.


The travel pal unzips and inside is an inflatable pillow. The fleece blanket has a pocket at the front so the little one can pop their favourite teddy in.


But the best bit (and the most ingenious thing I have ever seen) are the unique TrunkiGrip™ on both the blanket and pillow. This allows you to wrap your little one up in the blanket, secure it to the pillow and not have to worry about it coming off when travelling. How cool is that? My kids are always kicking blankets off on car journey’s or when in the pushchair and this solves that, plus they get a nice little pillow to rest their heads on!



This is one item on my Christmas Gift List! Not only is it practical, but it’s cute, useful and something that can be continually used as its handy for home of travel and I truly think every child should have one in their present pile on Christmas morning, not just for the practicality but the cuteness factor too!





*Disclaimer: We were sent the Pippin Penguin SnooziHedz free to review, but that does not effect our opinion on the product.