Combi UK Launch


A few weeks ago the younger two and I headed over to the A3 Baby Barn in Surbiton, Surrey for a special UK launch of the Combi pushchairs with fellow bloggers AK from My Buggy Junction and Lucy from Lucy’s Madhouse. We were also joined by celebrity Angellica Bell, who had been using the Combi Urban Walker.

I had never heard of Combi before, but I was eager to check them out!

Combi currently have two products in the UK and I have to say, I was rather impressed with both of them for different reasons.

Combi Urban WalkerCombi Well Carry Forward Facing

The Combi Urban Walker is lightweight and compact and can go from being parent to forward facing in the flip of a button – and without having to remove baby first!

The Combi Urban Walker is suitable from newborn to 20kgs and weighs 7.2kgs.

Combi Well CarryCombi Well Carry Zachary

The Combi Well Carry is also lightweight and compact and ideal for those who are constantly on the go or frequently use public transport.

The Combi Well Carry is suitable from newborn to 20kgs and weighs just 6.3kgs.

I have to admit that on first glance, they may not be the most attractive pushchairs out there, but looks aren’t everything and what the Combi’s lack in attractiveness, they certainly make up for in practicality.

Lightweight, compact, reasonable size basket, hand brake, high handle bars, flexible front safety bars, large canopy and viewing window and so much more feature on both Combi models. They are also self standing when folded. Gone are the days when you have to try to prop your pushchair up, or find a space to lay it down in when trying to keep it out of the way. either at home or out and about. You can also open / fold both Combi’s one-handed. I tried this out and I was rather surprised as I have been told before that pushchairs can be opened / folded one-handed, but never are – but I guarantee you that the Combi certainly does what it says.

Although they may be new to the UK, Combi certainly are not new to baby products. Combi is one of the largest and oldest specialist producers of baby products in the world today, with a heritage dating back to 1957 in Japan.

We are now entering the phase where our double pushchair no longer gets used and we are on the lookout for a decent versatile stroller that doesn’t take up too much room in the car, but can also be good for when we take trips on the tube – and I would certainly consider either Combi model!

Thanks again to Combi UK for inviting us to the launch and A3 Baby Barn for having us.