Days like today…

I hate it when I have days like today.

Days where I can’t be bothered to do anything.

Days where I find myself getting wound up and angry at the smallest of things.

Days where everything annoys me.

Days where I hate myself.

Days where I feel like a failure.

Days where I just want to, and do, cry.

I don’t think rationally when I’m in this frame of mind. I hate the world and I hate society. I feel incompetent and that I’m never good enough at anything I try to do.

I have these days on and off. I don’t know if its depression or just stress and tiredness, but whatever it is I’m tired of it now.

I’m tired of being angry and tired and jealous of everyone and everything. I’m fed up of feeling like a failure and hopeless at everything.

I’m fed up of being fed up.