De-Stress after the Summer Break

As nice as the Summer holidays are, having the children off school can be mighty stressful.I have found this summer to be one of the most stressful ones yet as I have been juggling work and four active children.

I was so pleased when I received a lovely De-Stress pack from Baldwins as August is their Relaxation Month.


Inside was everything you could possibly need to relax and chill out.


As you can see, the pack contained :

I was so impressed with this box! It literally had everything you need to chill out after a tough day.

The night capsules are great for helping you sleep as stress is a big cause of insomnia – in my case anyway!

I did cheat a little bit though and gave the older 2 children one of the Bach Flower Rescue Night Liquid Melts, but the good thing is that they are suitable for all the family! They were having problems sleeping, so I gave them one each to pop on their tongue and within 30 minutes they were away in the land of nod! The following day they were telling their Great Grandmother, who is 93, about them and how they helped them sleep. Well, she was rather impressed and asked to try them out – so I let her have some to trial.

I am normally really funny with herbal teas. The very first herbal tea I ever tried was Raspberry Leaf when I was about 35 weeks pregnant with Jake. It tasted like hay and put me off herbal teas for a while.

I’ve recently been intrigued by them again – more so because I am getting more conscious of what I am putting in to my body and wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle.

I was really impressed with the Pukka Relax teas. They were rather tasty and not too sweet. The fennel gave off a slight liquorice taste, but it wasn’t over powering. It’s definitely one that I will continue to purchase!

The herbs all smell rather lovely, and I love the tea egg – but I haven’t tried them yet. I guess I am a little scared that I will go wrong somewhere… although I am not sure how. I’m not too sure how much of the herbs I put in the egg or how long do I brew them for? Presuming that you do drink them?

Overall, this was a fabulous gift for the end of Summer break and I can’t wait to continue using it as we head in to the first term back at school – every parent should have one in their cupboard!


*Disclaimer – Baldwins sent me the de-stress pack as a gift. I was not asked to write about it – but how could I not tell you about these fab products?