Dear Katie Hopkins

Dear Katie Hopkins,

I started writing this letter being nice and polite and I wasn’t going to address this to your full name, but you then I thought about it and thought no. You have been shoved in my face so much the past few months that I feel like I “know” you, well, the “you” that you portray to the media.

The “you” who is giving it large on the controversial stakes.

You see, there some part of me that really cannot believe that you are being real amongst all the ludicrous headlines.

I mean, do you REALLY believe all the drivel that you spew out of your mouth? Obviously you must believe some of it otherwise you wouldn’t be so convincing in your arguments.

I can be quite a reserved person, especially on my blog, until something really irritates me, and quite frankly, YOU irritate me!

The past few months I have seen you go on Daytime Television and state your opinion on children’s names and how your beloved little angels would never mix with the likes of children with certain names. How you despise children with certain names, although they have no control over what they are called, and really, you do not even know the children, so how can you presume that they will act a certain way? That is just your assumption based on your idiotic view.

I have seen you open a Twitter account and immediately pour out your drivel, inflicting it on people who really don’t want to hear what you have to say.

That was all fine. I can block your crap on Twitter and ignore your Daytime TV escapades.

Then you started appearing more. With yet more ridiculous spiel of how working mothers over a size 8 are lazy, ridiculing children with ginger hair, about how SAHD’s (Stay at Home Dad’s) should be called SADs. And now, your latest stunt to get you in the press is the argument over Maternity Leave and how women should be back to work within 6 weeks. How 12 months maternity leave is too long and how its damaging to small businesses.

One of your Tweets claim (and yes I am ashamed I even looked at your twitter feed!) “I took 2 weeks mat leave with each child. As an employer I have a duty to get back to work for my employees Plus childbirth is not difficult”

Well EXCUSE ME! Did you ACTUALLY give birth to your children? If so, then you would know that childbirth is extremely difficult for a lot of mums out there. Not everyone has the ideal birth. What if you need an assisted delivery? or a c-section? Do you realise how hard it is to recover for major abdominal surgery whilst looking after a baby? and add older siblings to the mix and it gets really difficult!

Not only on the recovery side, but what about the baby? How is a mother expected to bond with her baby if she has to go back to full-time employment within 6 weeks? We are going to end up with a society of miserable mothers and children who have no emotions because they will all end up in nurseries with 50 other kids and not enough 1 on 1 time, and probably just left to their own devices. But then I would imagine that you would argue that it would be good for them. That they’ll learn to be independent and grow a back bone? Maybe so, but we will also create a society of monsters who lack compassion and sympathy, who cannot bear affection. We will grow a society of YOU!

Now, I am a small business owner, as is my husband. I currently do not have any staff, but I will one day, and when I do they will get the Maternity leave they are allowed. I will also discuss with them about flexi-working, and where possible, they can work from home. You see, being a Business Woman does not mean that you must have a heart of steel! There are ways around these things! Why can’t mums work from home more often? As long as they are getting the work done, then why does it matter if they’re sat at the computer at 10 o’clock at night typing out reports and emails?

I love these quotes from your piece in the Huffington Post:

“I believe having a baby is a luxury in the current economic climate and SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) should not be expected to foot the bill,”
“I believe that the current UK system, in which employers pay 90% of a pregnant worker’s salary for the first six weeks of maternity leave and must hold their job open while they take up to 12 months off, places an enormous burden on SMEs, in terms of cost, time and administration” – Katie Hopkins

Now, seriously, SMEs are expected to foot the bill? Do you actually know anything about Government legislation and what SMEs can actually claim back in regards to Maternity pay? Clearly you don’t otherwise you would know that  the reason National Insurance Contributions are paid are for such times they are needed, for example, Maternity Leave. You should also know that companies actually claim back the SMP that they pay to their employees. OK, so maybe in large corporations the claim back isn’t the full amount, but for the majority of SMEs they can claim back 100% of the SMP that they pay out. So I’m not entirely sure on how SME’s are footing the bill here?

I think working mothers need to be applauded! After all, they have decided to go back to work after having children. They are the ones contributing and helping grow your business! Working mothers get the tough deal and they shouldn’t! They do a good and valuable job, and for that they should be entitled to a bit of time off to spend with their baby at the most crucial times! You will never get that newborn back! You will never get to see those first steps again! Believe me when I say missing your child’s first steps is soul destroying! I missed my First child’s First Steps because I was working! They deserve to be there for the first year of their babies lives!

They deserve a hell of a lot more airspace and attention than you!

To be honest with you, I think you don’t know your arse from your elbow, putting it bluntly. You just love the attention that all this is creating.

I wasn’t going to give you the space of my blog, but yes, I caved in like the rest of the media, but that’s it!

“Don’t Feed the Troll” springs to mind….and I think this troll has been well and truly fed, and deserves to go back to her cave!


A Business Woman and Mother – working from home whilst raising her kids!



  1. July 31, 2013 / 5:35 pm

    Three cheers to you, Rachel! Thanks for writing down all that I was thinking.

    • Confessions of a SAHM
      July 31, 2013 / 5:48 pm

      Thank you Jennie! It’s not often I retaliate to something in the Press, but wanted my say on this 🙂

  2. August 1, 2013 / 10:51 pm

    Nodding in agreement the whole way through! She talks so much crap, it’s scary how many people on twitter are agreeing with her though and actually believing that maternity pay is a cost for businesses 🙁 xx

  3. Lorraine Hakes
    April 3, 2014 / 10:13 pm

    Well said! I was forced into becoming self-employed as I was pregnant when the company I worked for went into administration. I was utterly distraught; how was I going to get another job at three months pregnant? I worked throughout my pregnancy and then was back at work the next day doing the most crucial bits of work. I had a pillow near the computer desk so I could breastfeed and answer emails at the same time – the position of this caused a fair bit of pain in my back, but what could I do? Breastfeeding is a non-stop job when they’re first born and it’s exhausting too – as you know. I too despise Katie Hopkins but I think as a washed-up ex contestant of the Apprentice, she has very little else to occupy her time. If this is the only line of work she can get, I pity her. I would rather go through those first few months of being a new mum – and working like I did – on repeat for the rest of my life than live a day in her shoes.