Fat Mama Slim – Week 10

I am slowly getting there with become a bit more organised with my time and finding the time, energy and motivation to get myself to the gym.

I did only manage one gym session again last week, but I have committed myself to two classes this week. I have signed up for Streth and Tone/Pilates on a Tuesday evening and Boxercise on a Friday evening. I would like to try and get another gym session in during the week and then perhaps a run or bike ride at the weekend.

I am still finding that my cravings for sweet things are becoming less and less every day. I no longer have any kind of fizzy pop and in actual fact, if I have any now it gives me a really bad belly ache and I am bloated for about 3 days afterwards making me feel sluggish.

I am definitely finding that I have more energy now that I have lost some of the weight. Even though I am still really tired in the evenings – but then I am working and have 4 children, so who wouldn’t be tired??

People are starting to notice the weight too, which is great. My clothes are becoming looser, especially my trousers. They are having trouble staying up and feel really baggy on the legs. I should purchase some new ones in a smaller size really!

I am pleased with my progress so far. It’s been hard work, and slower than I would have liked – but as everyone says – slow and steady will keep it off! I do hope that is true!


Fat Mama Slim Stats: 

  • Start Weight: 158lbs
  • Target Weight: 120lbs
  • Total Target Weight Loss: 38lbs
  • Start Waist Measurement: 38.9 inches
  • Week Ten: -2lbs 
  • Week  Weienght: 146lbs
  • Total Weight Loss until Target: 24lbs