Fat Mama Slim – Week Three

Fat Mama Slim Week Three is DONE!

This week has been slightly disappointing if I am honest. No weight or inches have come off, but then I haven’t been to the gym as much. I managed one gym session and 2 road runs.

I am now on week 5 of the Couch to 5K and boy is it hard. I am still finding that road running is hard. I can run quite happily on a treadmill for 5 minutes (although it can be tough), but I am finding that I can barely manage 2 minutes continuous running on the road. That then makes me feel like an absolute failure. I know I have to keep persevering with it, that things will get better with time. I need to learn to be a bit more patient.

On a more positive side, I am starting to like the way my body is changing shape. My legs are becoming more toned and my stomach, although not particularly flatter, is not feeling so bloated.

fat mama slim I have also spent a lot of time thinking about my fitness and have decided that I would like to take part in a triathlon. Not a major one, just a small local sprint one, which is fairly short distance! I even bought myself a bike – not bad for £23 from eBay, huh!!

I did look in to doing a triathlon this year, and found several that were running in September, which would give me enough time to train, unfortunately they seem to be pretty booked up!

So the plan for now is to carry on with my Couch to 5K, going to the gym and concentrate on improving my swimming and cycling so when new events come up for next year, I can enter!

I have even started a Pinterest board for my Triathlon Training!!

Follow Rachel’s board Triathlon Training on Pinterest.

Me - 8th May 2014

Me – 8th May 2014

The Stats: 

  • Start Weight: 158lbs
  • Target Weight: 120lbs
  • Total Target Weight Loss: 38lbs
  • Start Waist Measurement: 38.9 inches
  • Week One: 156lbs & 38.2 inches
  • Week Two: 154lbs & 34.6 inches
  • Week Three: -0lbs & 0 inches
  • Week Three Weight: 154lbs
  • Week Three Waist Measurement: 34.6 inches
  • Total Weight Loss To Target: 34lbs