My Favourite Holiday Memory

I was very lucky as a child to have had many wonderful holidays abroad and I have many memories.

My first holiday memory was visiting Gambia when I was four years old. I don’t remember lots of it, just bits and pieces – like my then 2-year-old sister being sick at the fish market (all down my dads back!), a man who we called John climbing a tree to get us a coconut, and visiting my dad in the hospital after he cut his leg open on a rock when his dingy capsized and seeing a rat run across the floor.

I also have memories of visiting Spain and Cyprus most years throughout my childhood. We also spent Christmases in Florida when I was 10 and Australia when I was 11.

I remember my first holiday without parents and my first holiday with my now husband.

But I think my most Favourite Holiday Memory would have to be our holiday in May 2008.

Our trip was for 3 weeks and we flew out with Jake, who was then 2.5 and Kyla who was 15 months.

It was to be a trip of a lifetime. For we had gone out to get married.

We had always planned to get married in Florida. It is both Paul and I’s favourite place in the whole world. It’s where we felt comfortable and at peace.

We got married at a restaurant called The BeachHouse which is on Bradenton Beach on Anna Maria Island – not far from Sarasota.

We got married at 7pm, and said our vows as the sun was setting over the ocean in front of us.

It was everything we had dreamed of and more.

We then had a fabulous 2 week ‘Honeymoon’ with the children, visiting parks, beaches and Disney!

It truly is my most favourite holiday memory.

favourite holiday memory villa pia entry

*Disclaimer – This post is an entry in to the Villa Pia competition to win a family holiday to Italy.