FitBug – A Review

I’m trying to lose some baby weight lately and was recently offered to review a gadget called a FitBug.

What is a FitBug?

Well, I originally thought that a FitBug was just a fancy Pedometer and didn’t really understand how it was going to help me lose weight, until I attended the FitBug Event last week.

Track your steps, distance walked and calories burned wirelessly on your smart phone or tablet and then view all this info instantly on-screen.

Or sync your steps, distance walked and calories burned to KiK – your personal digital coach – via the plugin USB Fitbug dongle.

Set yourself goals, receive personalized targets and all the encouraging nudges you need, your free access to KiK will keep you on track.


What makes Fitbug different from other activity trackers is the support that comes with the device – the online coach will create weekly personalised targets and will send updates via text and email to ensure that you are staying on track.  You also have access to a wealth of nutritional and exercise advice and access to their in-house nutritionist.


How will the FitBug get me fit?

I asked myself this question a few times when I first started to wear it. Then I realised, every evening when I saw how many steps I had done, I always wanted to beat that target. I am finding that I want to walk wherever I can and I am always aiming to beat my steps.

FitBug have also teamed up with My Fitness Pal, so you can easily log all of your foods for the day and calculate the calories consumed. With these 2 attributes together, you are well on your way to a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

The Fitbug makes it simple and straight forward by helping you make realistic changes to your daily routine.

My Thoughts on the FitBug

I have been using the FitBug Air. It is available in 3 different colours – Pink, Aubergine and Green/Grey, so suitable for both females and males!

Setting up the bug was fairly straight forward. You have to go online to go through the process of setting it up. You can then download the app (if you have a compatible device) and sync the Fitbug to it. This caused me a bit of a problem as there are 2 codes. One on the back of the box, and one on the back of the bug. When I went to sync the device, it wasn’t clear that you had to add the last 5 digits from the code on the back of the BUG not the Box. Once I had been told this, I synced it quickly.

Uploading your steps to the app is straight forward – simply by pressing and holding one button.

The app is a great addition to the FitBug. You can see your daily steps on the Bug, but on the app you can see your Total Steps, Total Time, how many of those steps were Aerobic Steps and how long you did them for, distance walked and how many calories burned.

Once you have exceeded a certain amount of steps (my target is 5,500 a day) you get what FitBug calls a “Pink Streak”. There are 3 different colours to determine the levels. Grey is a kind of “could do better” level. Green is good, but the PINK is amazing and  you have totally exceeded your daily steps! Getting a pink streak is hard, well I found it to be anyway, especially if you are more of a driver than a walker. BUT, I also found that I wanted those pink streaks, so I was aiming for more and more steps each day.

The FitBug has actually encouraged me to start walking more. It’s made me think that walking can actually help you lose weight and that you don’t need to go out for runs or jogs to lose weight, that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a gym membership to tone up. Walking is more than adequate to help tone and lose weight, and it helps to see how many steps you actually take per day.

Like I mentioned before, I wasn’t 100% convinced when I first got the FitBug and how it would benefit me, but once I understood it better, understood what it was for, what it does, and how it can improve my fitness, combined with the nutritional advice on the website and the link with the MyFitnessPal app, the FitBug can really work!


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To see how the other mum’s have got on, follow the #fitbugmum on Facebook or Twitter, or Checkout FitBug Limited’s Facebook and Twitter pages.