Fitbug Event

A few weeks ago I went to an event hosted by FitBug, in conjunction with the FitBug Air that I was sent to Review. Along with Toddler and Baby, I drove up to St. Alban’s to the new Westminster Lodge Leisure Centre to meet with the people from FitBug and the other FitBugMums.

There is a Creche on site although I was a bit apprehensive at leaving my little 2 as they have never been left with anyone apart from Daddy before. I really needn’t have been worried. Toddler was straight off playing, and Baby was quite happy to have a cuddle from the staff. Once I had booked the children in to the Creche, advised them of drinks and snacks in the bag etc, I headed off to meet everyone and grab myself a much-needed cup of tea!

It was lovely to meet up with others that I had met before, and new bloggers that although I have chatted online with them before, had never met. We all had a good natter, before heading to the hall for our chats about FitBug, Nutrition and WalkActive.

There was some YUMMY foods for us to eat, including Fruit Kabobs, Homemade Banana Bread and Homemade Muffins. I also got to try a RAW fruit drink, which was rather yummy.




 We got to chat with the lovely people behind FitBug as well as learning about Nutrition for Healthy Family with a talk from Registered Dietician Laura Tilt. I took pictures of the slides as sometimes I need that little motivation to make me remember those healthy choices.

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After the chat about Nutrition we had a talk by Joanna Hall about WalkActive. WalkActive is a technique to make real health, weight and lifestyle changes simply by changing the way you walk.

Joanna explained the technique and how it works and then we went outside to give it a go.

I can honestly say that just by the 15 minute taster of learning the WalkActive technique I could feel a difference as well as seeing a difference in others with how they walked and held themselves.

It’s really weird how a simply change in the way you walk can make a big impact.

Here is a little introduction to WalkActive – you can purchase the DVD and Book, which is out now, from {here}

After our walk, it was time to collect the children from the Creche and we headed over to the park for a fantastic picnic which Everyone Active laid on for us! There was so much scrummy, healthy food and it gave us all an opportunity to chat about the day and what we had learnt.

I have been using the Fitbug nearly every day and I can see an increase in my activities. I still have the odd lazy day, or the day where I forget to put it on, but then I make sure that I try to do more the following day. I am also reading Joanna’s book and have watched the DVD to learn how to walk for fitness. I actually find that my back doesn’t ache on the day’s that I walk the WalkActive way! I’m hoping that it will soon become natural to walk that way, as it really does help!

If you do want to increase your fitness slowly, then walking is a great way to start and I would recommend checking out the FitBug and WalkActive.


*Disclaimer – We were sent the FitBug to review and invited to the Event by FitBug.