Fitbug Orb

Fitburg Orb

Last year I review the Fitbug and really felt it helped in terms of getting me walking more, but it often got in the way and some days I would forget to put it on.

For the past month I have been reviewing the new Fitbug Orb!

The orb is a lot easier to get on with. It can be worn by using a clip, similar to the Fitbug, or as a watch. I have been wearing mine as a watch and have to say it is the best way. I forget it’s there most days and just upload my steps at the end of the day to the Fitbug App on my mobile.

So what is a Fitbug Orb?

A Fitbug Orb is the latest innovation from Fitbug who are the global leaders in digital health and wellbeing solutions. At just £49.95, the Fitbug Orb is the most affordable, feature and service rich tracker on the current market.

Unlike most activity trackers, the Fitbug Orb is button sized so is discreet when being worn.

What does the Fitbug Orb do?

For the first time Fitbug now offers an even wider range of features and wear options. The Fitbug Orb provides key features including:

  • Tracks steps, aerobic steps/time, distance, calories burned and speed.
  • Tracks sleeping patterns.
  • Syncs with your phone through a multiple of sync options using Bluetooth Smart Technology.
  • Come with your own digital coach, KiK, to give you extra motivation. KiK helps set, track and manage personalised weekly nutritional and activity goals.
  • Multiple wear options including wristband, belt hook, lanyard or an underwear clip which is available separately.
  • Three eye-catching colour options – white, black and pink.
  • No need for re-charging as batteries last for up to six month.

My Thoughts

I really like the Fitbug Orb. It was easy to pair up with the app, and easy to switch the device on the app from the Fitbug to the Fitbug Orb.

Fitbug Orb

I love the fact that it can be worn different ways, although being worn with the wristband has to be my favourite way. I put it on and it stays on (unless I’m showering, washing up etc). It just feels like I am wearing a watch. I upload my steps every evening and then when I go to bed I switch on the sleep mode.


I also love having the option to track my sleep patterns, although sometimes it didn’t work even when I thought I had turned it on correctly and had got the 3 flashes telling me it was on. However, I was pleasantly surprised that although I felt like I was never getting enough sleep, and was often waking several times, the percentage of sleep quality I was getting always seems to be in the mid to high 90’s.

Fitbug Orb

I have to admit that I didn’t use KiK as much as I should have. I did try it out, but as it is all online, I kept forgetting about it. It would be good to have it integrated in to the mobile app. This would make tracking the amount of calories you are having a lot easier.

Overall, the Fitbug Orb is really good. If you want an activity tracker that isn’t bulky, gets in your way or something you keep having to remove and forget to put back on, then the Fitbug Orb is definitely worth investing in.


The Fitbug Orb costs £49.95 and can be purchased from


*Dislcaimer – I was sent a FitBug Orb for the purpose of this review. 



  1. March 29, 2014 / 9:54 am

    That looks fab! If I was looking at improving my fitness it’s definitely something I would consider buying x

  2. March 29, 2014 / 10:56 pm

    we’re reviewing the Orb too. I have loved the sleep analysis of it it, and despite not wearing it for a week following a sickness bug, we’re getting back into it now