Holiday Park Getaways for Large Families

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When it comes to holiday’s, large families or those who choose to holiday with other family members always seem to get a bit of a  rough deal in terms of accommodation. So I bring you this great post which discusses the advantages of large families holidaying in a Holiday Park.

Holiday Park getaways for large families

Whenever we go away our family has always been considered ‘plus size’ as we usually bring along a whole host of brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, grandparents and cousins. So our holidays need to cater to a range of different people of different ages and varying tastes. Not to mention, we need accommodation big enough to fit us all in at a reasonable price.

Activities for large families

As far as we’re concerned, going on holiday as a big group is the best way to do it; there’s always someone up for doing something and it really is a case of the more the merrier. But as parents it’s always hard to please everyone and sometimes it can be hard to find family holiday activities that everyone will enjoy.

That’s why love going to holiday parks so much. We’ve stayed on parks in the Lake District, North Wales and Cornwall so far and on each one there’s been plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy. Take Presthaven Sands, for example. This was our first choice as we’d heard it was one of Haven’s biggest and liveliest parks so we knew there’d be plenty to keep us occupied during the day. Our big group often split up depending on who wanted to go go karting, swimming or to do sports activities and then we all met up at tea time to eat and enjoy the live evening entertainment.


Another big thing we have to think about when we’re going away with our extended family is finding accommodation that will fit us all in.

Here’s how we do it…

With so many of us we don’t usually go for a top of the range caravan as we need to keep our holidays affordable. However, we’ve found time and time again that Haven’s standard caravans are big enough for our massive family. We’re usually a party of 12 so two standard caravans are enough to sleep all of us and we can even bring our dog Buster along too.

getaways for large families

Each caravan has two bedrooms and there’s a pull-out bed in the lounge that means each caravan can sleep six people. These caravans even come with a TV but so many activities on offer in the park we usually forget all about it!


getaways for large families

Feeding large families on holiday

The final hurdle when it comes to keeping a big family happy on holiday is keeping them well fed. And it’s not just about what we’re going to eat; it’s also about keeping the cost down.

However, when we’re on holiday we don’t want to eat in every night. Part of the fun is also going out for tea so we’re glad that there have been plenty of affordable choices on the holiday parks we’ve stayed on. We found the Mash and Barrel at Presthaven Sands to be a great place to eat out; its comfortable seating areas are geared towards families and you can enjoy a tasty breakfast, lunch or dinner there.If twelve of us ate out every night of the holiday, we’d end up spending a fortune on food. That’s why we love the fact that you can go self-catering. All the parks we’ve stayed on have had their own on-site supermarkets so we stock up on food when we arrive and cook most of our meals ourselves.

Our kids’ particular favourite was the pick and mix menu. For £4.45 they got to choose between chicken nuggets, a beef burger, fish fingers and veggie fingers and pick their own choice of potato and side order to go with it. It meant they could have whatever combination of food they wanted every night and we loved it because it put the brakes on any fussy eating.




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