Getting Active with Set4Sport

I’m not that sporty. I studied Sport Science at GCSE level so you would think that I enjoyed sport, but I don’t really and I don’t come from a particularly sporty family.

However, my husband does. He’s played football on and off for years, and his brother coaches High School Soccer in the USA.

We’ve always tried to encourage the children to get in to a sport, especially Capt.Chaos as he is ADHD and it helps him run off some of the excess energy. However, with 3 other children it’s not always easy to take him to the park for a kick around of a tennis match to run off some steam, and we only have a small garden and no room for garden toys as such.

Last year Capt. Chaos was really captivated by Wimbledon – Andy Murray in particular – and he started wanting to go to the park to play tennis at weekends. After a few months, he was still continually asking to go, we decided to inquire about lessons for him. Since then he has been having weekly tennis lessons and loves it! He gets to run off the energy doing a sport that he really enjoys playing. He was given an Andy Murray Tennis racket and bag for Christmas and they are his pride and joy.

When I was contacted asking if we would like to attend an event all about sport, with Judy Murray herself, I knew we had to go! Capt.Chaos was super excited when I told him, and he couldn’t wait to meet his idols Mummy – and I was hoping it would be a great opportunity to get the other children more active, and us more active as a family.


Set4Sport was founded by Judy Murray. It’s all about getting active with fun games that all the family can join in with.

I’ll leave it to Judy to tell you more about it:

We got to play a few of the games in the Set4Sport book with Judy and the Set4Sport team. They are interactive and fun, yet teach children basic skills to help develop their agility, balance and co-ordination. You do not need a lot of space or specialist equipment. The focus is on things that you already have around the home to create fun games for your children to play.

Some of the games included are:


Jump The River. This is a great game for leg strength and balance. The children loved jumping over the 2 pieces of rope made out to be a river. There were even sharks in there! Capt. Chaos had a great time playing this game with Judy. As he was one of the eldest there and found the games fairly easy, she complicated them for him.





Tidy Your Room. This is my kinda game! I am forever telling the children to tidy their rooms. However, that’s not really what this game is about. It’s all about developing dynamic balance, speed off the mark, adjustment steps, as well as helping develop quick changes of direction. The concept is pretty easy in that the child has to run around a circle putting one item at a time in the box in the middle. I guess this could be used to encourage them to put their toys away in their room too. I am certainly going to give it a go!




Jackpot was a game that the older two thoroughly enjoyed. The aim of the game is simple – try to land a ball in a bucket. It helps children with their throwing and aiming. You can also substitute balls for different items, such as soft toys, to make it a bit harder for them.


There were some more games before a spot of lunch, and then the adults got to have a chat with Judy, who is a really nice, down to earth person who is passionate about getting kids active and in to sport.

We thoroughly enjoyed our day with Set4Sport. Capt. Chaos had a great time playing lots of game with Judy Murray, and we hope she had as much fun complicating the games for him. She gave him some great feedback on his skills which he was really chuffed with!

We even got our pictures taken with her – and a signed Set4Sport Book!

You can request your copy of the FREE Set4Sport book to be sent to you so you can play the fun games with your children. It is packed with fun activities – as well as a score card to keep count!

Alternatively, you can download the free Set4Sport app to your phone! Visit their website for more information – Set4Sport

I’ll leave you with a little video of Andy Murray vs the Set4Sport SuperStars