Going Eco

Ok, so maybe not completely Eco, but I’m finding the older I’m getting the more in thinking about our impact on the environment.

We recycle our rubbish, I try to sell or giveaway things we don’t need rather than taking them to the dump and our car has low emissions.

One thing I wish I had known about when I had our first child was Cloth Nappies! Obviously I had heard of reusable nappies, but I had always envisioned terry towelling wraps held together with big safety pins.

It wasn’t until after I was pregnant with Z that I actually realised how wrong I was! Cloth nappies are not what I expected at all! No longer are they thick terry towels and safety pins but are soft, with velcro and poppers. They come in many different colours, styles and designs. You can even get the customised to your taste or personalised.

Real nappies are so much better on the environment. Did you know that in the UK, 3 Billion nappies are thrown away each year, of which 90% end up in landfills? It’s unknown how long a disposable nappy takes to decompose, but some say it takes hundreds of years.

Although initially can seem expensive (approx £80 for a kit), you are saving money in the long run. Most local councils now support Real Nappies and many have schemes to help you buy or nappy libraries where you can borrow reusables.

It’s estimated that from birth to 2.5years old, just one child goes through 4,000 nappies. Just by switching to Cloth nappies you can save yourself around £500!

Whilst pregnant with Z, I decided I wanted to give cloth a go. I brought a couple of nappies after he was born which we used a few times before he outgrew them. I really need to use them more, so I am slowly starting to grow my stash of Cloth. It started with this gorgeous nappy from Baba’s Bum or find them on Facebook <here> …. Do you like it?


I have also discovered reusable wipes…my kit is arriving today, so keep an eye out on that post!

Do you use cloth or would you consider using cloth?

If you want to find out more info on using Cloth nappies – visit Go Real

*Disclaimer: I brought my customised nappy myself at full price. This post is entirely my own.


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  1. April 26, 2013 / 7:42 pm

    With both my babies I never even considered cloth diapers because of the pins and bulk. If only I had known how cloth diapers changed I would have been willing to try them.

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