GoldieBlox – Inspiring Girls

Have you heard about the new kids on the blox?


GoldieBlox, the award-winning toy range from the US, has landed in the UK! Created by engineer and entrepreneur Debbie Sterling, GoldieBlox aims to introduce engineering concepts to girls at an early age, providing them with more options and spawning a movement to disrupt pink toy aisles everywhere.

Each set features an interactive toy, containing a book series and construction set, which encourages kids to build in the context of a narrative. The stories feature Goldie, a girl inventor who solves problems by building simple machines.

Here is a video from Debbie, which was the launch video for GoldieBlox and tells you all about GoldieBlox and how it came about:

The girls and I were recently invited to a special GoldieBlox launch event where we got to play with the various sets – as well as encouraged to ‘free play’ and see what they could create with the products and their imaginations.

The girls had so much fun playing with the different GoldieBlox sets. They loved reading the stories about Goldie and following them to build their set.

Being a parent, I really like GoldieBlox because it feeds their imagination. Yes – you have the likes of K’nex and Lego out there, but GoldieBlox is so different to those. There are so many different elements to GoldieBlox that make them unique, fun and educational whilst feeding their creativity.

GoldieBlox is available from both John Lewis and Amazon and priced as follows:

The Parade Float £19.99
The Spinning Machine £24.99
The Dunk Tank £19.99

You can catch the official GoldieBlox advert over on their YouTube page – it’s ingenious and worth a watch!


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  1. August 30, 2014 / 12:14 pm

    I keep reading about these and they sound fab.