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With the sunshine having already arrived and the Summer Break is here, outside play is what it’s all about! Here is the Good Toy Guide to Outdoor Play!

Good Toy Guide

The Good Toy Guide’s Guide to Outdoor Play!

Author of the unique play advice website Good Toy Guide, child psychologist Dr Amanda Gummer gives her tips on Outdoor Play to help parents make informed choices about the toys they buy.
The Good Toy Guide is committed to promoting play and offers a range of authoritative toy reviews as well as using Dr Gummer’s 20 years of experience working with children and families, providing advice on play and child development.
With the summer finally upon us, the Good Toy Guide believe outdoor play helps children develop a wide range of skills and parents can encourage children’s development through play.
Here are Dr Amanda Gummer’s tips on how to get the best out of outdoor play: “There are plenty of ways to have fun in the outdoors and they don’t have to cost money. From bats and balls to water play and sandpits, very often you can use things you already have at home.

“But if you’re thinking of stocking up on some new outdoor toys look for toys that provide lots of fun as well as encouraging the kids to get outdoors and be active! Games that can be played with other children encourage social development and young children learn to write much more easily if their arm muscles are developed through climbing and bigger drawings with chalk or water before being given pencils or crayons.”


Here is a selection of toys for all ages from the Good Toy Guide for fun in the sun.
Good Toy Guide

1. Scramblebug – This light-weight sit and ride toy encourages an active healthy lifestyle and strengthens leg muscles.



Good Toy Guide2. Air Hogs Havoc Heli – This remote control helicopter promotes
physical activity and encourages social skills.



3. Stunt Master Kite – This high quality kite increases activity

Great Toy Guide

levels and coordination.








Good Toy Guide 4. 3D Chalk – These chunky chalk give a 3D effect whilst wearing glasses and are great for developing creativity.





5. Swingball – This classic outdoor game helps hand and eye coordination and promotes muscle development. Great Toy Guide








Good Toy Guide 6. Cozy Coupe – This brightly coloured car is great for leg muscle







7. NERF Super Soaker – This powerful water pistol increases physical activity and is a great social skill tool. Good Toy Guide





Good Toy Guide 


8. Wind Power 2.0 – This wind power science kit is great for encouraging questioning and critical analysis.



9. Red Bullet Bike – This fun balance bike promotes balance and

core stability as well as developing confidence. Good Toy Guide







Good Toy Guide 10. Foam Football – This soft football provides social development and promotes activity and physical fitness.





Look out for Dr Gummer’s next feature on the Good Toy Guide’s Guide to Back to School. If you would like to find out more about the Good Toy Guide visit:



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