#GUMI Christmas Party

The other week Abigail and Zachary were invited to a special Christmas Party with Growing Up Milk Info, their Ambassadors and other bloggers – including the lovely Becky from The Mummy Adventure and her gorgeous boys and Loz from Lozzie Hakes and her little boy.

Being a Saturday, I decided to drive to the venue in Chelsea. It was a straight route in and wasn’t too  bad a drive really, just a nightmare for parking as everything was either yellow lines or permit holders only. I drove around for a while and was starting to wonder why on earth I didn’t take the train (which would have been a sensible option, yet the journey would have been more stressful and longer!). I eventually found a Pay & Display space near the venue of Beaufort House. It was a few streets away, which meant I had to put the pushchair up to put Zachary in as no way could I carry him and try to hold on to Abigail as we crossed roads.

The venue itself wasn’t particularly child friendly. Buggy’s had to be left in the hallway downstairs (I had to attempt to collapse mine one-handed whilst holding Zachary. I ended up having to sit him on the floor hoping he didn’t make an escape. We then had to climb 2 flights of stairs to the room where the party was being held – which I was surprised about, especially as there was no way of keeping little ones in the room. It meant a lot of chasing around happened with little one’s trying to make a quick exit out of the doors for fun.

GUMI Christmas The party itself was a HUGE hit! They served great, yummy food, which was child friendly – and I loved that fruit was served too – and it was a hit with kids!

The children were treated to a Christmas episode of Peppa Pig – which they were all mesmerised by! Then they got a VERY SPECIAL visit!

GUMI Christmas Santa

Zachary just wanted to touch him and Abigail couldn’t wait to say hello! Each child got a special gift from Santa.

Sadly, we had to leave early due to the Parking only allowing me a maximum of 2hrs – the children would have loved to have stayed longer and played more, they had such a wonderful time!

A big Thank You to Katy at Frank PR for throwing a wonderful party! The kids enjoyed it so much they crashed as soon as we got in the car!!


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