Happy Chinese New Year!

As it’s Chinese New Year, I thought I would share this cool infographic with you!

Simply enter your Date of Birth and the interactive infographic will tell you what your Chinese  Year Sign is, as well as some fun information.

I am a RAT. According to the infographic, someone born in the year of the Rat has number 2 as their lucky number. Rats also get along with Dragon’s, Monkeys and Ox’s.

Personality wise, Rats are considered popular (I’m still waiting for that to happen), and personable with social skills (I’d like to think so). Rats are natural survivors and will adapt to any environment. Rats are also meant to be clean and tidy (I am sure my husband will disagree!).

A Rat’s attributes are Smart, Witty, Creative and Spirited. I would like to think that this was true about me!

Rats like to holiday in St. Lucia and Cyprus. I have never been to St. Lucia, although I would very much like to one day! I have visited Cyprus many times and love the country.

How about you? What Chinese Zodiac are you and what does the infographic say about that? Why not have a go and let me know!!

The Thomas Cook Chinese New Year Horoscope Finder

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