Have you considered Health Insurance?

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Health insurance isn’t always something that you consider to be important, but if you have children then it’s something that you really should look in to getting, if you haven’t already.

When I had Jake I was 21 and had never considered any form of insurance before, other than for my car, but once I had this little bundle it all changed. I set up my life insurance when he was just a few months old and left it at that.

Now that I am fast approaching my 30’s I am becoming more conscious of my health, my children’s health, and putting pressure on the already strained National Health Service that I am considering private health insurance.

It used to be that private health and medical insurance would be a perk from a job. I know that it was one of the perks both Paul and I have had when employed, but now it’s so easy to insure yourself and your family with a few simple clicks on the computer. This is great for us as we both own our own businesses, but still would like that peace of mind that we have private health insurance to cover us should we ever need it.

Benefits of Health Insurance

There are so many benefits to having health insurance:

  • Queues – with the NHS there is a maximum time allowed between referral and treatment (currently at 18 weeks). With private medical and health insurance, this is drastically reduced!
  • Private Rooms – whether you have your treatment in a private hospital or an NHS one, if you have health insurance you will get your own private room.
  • Choice – you can often choose your consultant and choose where you would like to be treated (depending on the type of treatment and policy)
  • Personal care – Medical students often accompany consultants in appointments, which can be daunting and uncomfortable for patients. With private health insurance you won’t have to worry.
  • Appointments – when you attend your appointment with your consultant, you will find that you do not have to wait long to see them. Your appointment times will also be longer, giving you more time to discuss things.
  • Continuity – rather than seeing different doctors (juniors and seniors), you are more likely to see the same consultant throughout your care.

These are just a few of the benefits to having health insurance.

How to get Health Insurance

When you decide that you want to have private health insurance it can be really daunting, but that is where websites like Insure Me On Line are great. In three simple steps you can get your ideal quote from one of their leading providers. You can also talk to one of their advisors should you need any assistance.

Insuring your life or health shouldn’t be daunting, but it should be something that you consider, especially if you have a family – and surprisingly, it’s not as expensive as you may think!


Do you have private medical insurance, or is it something you have considered?



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