The Hearing Test

Yesterday was Zachary’s hearing test. I came away feeling slightly more confused and if not slightly more worried and wondering if I am paranoid at the same time.

The hearing test was about 30 minutes long. The first test consisted of Zachary sitting on my lap in the middle of a sound proof room. Either side of us where speakers and a screen, and a lady in front of Zachary to keep him facing forwards. They would then play different sound frequency’s on the speakers and expect him to turn to the speaker the sound came out off and then reward him with a picture on the screen.

He wasn’t particularly interested in this game. To be honest, he wasn’t really interested in any of it. He just wanted to get down and play.

They managed to complete the test as best as they could, and then checked to see if there was any congestion in his ears – which there wasn’t.

The test was a bit inconclusive. He didn’t pass it fully, but didn’t fail either so we are to go back in 3 months time for a re-test.

Obviously, I am pleased that his hearing appears to be ok, but it just leaves me even more confused as to why he only has 2 words. The audiologist seems to think that 2 words at 19 months old is acceptable. Everywhere else I have researched says he should have a minimum of 10 words! Even his red book states on the 18 months stage that they should have 6-20 recognisable words.

You get told by so many health professionals that early intervention is key, but it seems that they’re not really interested in actually doing anything.

Maybe he is just a typical lazy boy and maybe he will talk and walk in his own time…. but how much of his own time do I have to give him? How further delayed to we have to get on his speech and motor development for us to be taken seriously and someone to actually look in to what is going on?

It’s frustrating as a parent to have to go through this. Zachary is a clever little guy. He can follow simple instructions and he gets so frustrated with himself that he cannot communicate back. It’s also frustrating for us because we have to try to decipher what he is telling us.

We are still waiting for a speech therapy appointment and a podiatry appointment. I think I will chase those next week to see what is going on. I want some answers, but have a feeling I won’t get any!




  1. May 1, 2014 / 11:09 am

    I hate how all children should tick certain boxes. LP didn’t walk until after 18m and didn’t know the right amount of words but the time she was 2 so I didn’t bother taking her to the health visitor check up – I didn’t want to be told that she wasn’t developing correctly or had a learning issue when I knew she was fine.
    It’s hard for children to do these tests. a 19 month old isn’t just going to turn it’s heard wherever noise is coming from! Plus, as you said, he just wanted to play.
    I don’t have an answer or any suggestions really except that I hope he is fine and just developing and learning at his own speed x

    • May 1, 2014 / 9:46 pm

      Thanks Donna. I hope he is just learning at his own pace and that he will do things in his own time. I need to learn some patience! x