Home Projects Summer 2012: Part One

I mentioned in a previous post, Home Projects, about all the things that are going on this Summer with the house and how we want to get everything ready for when baby arrives in October.

Well Part 1 is complete!

Last Thursday and Friday saw the new carpet go in upstairs and the girls bunk beds be delivered.

I took the children out for the day so the guys could fit the carpet easily. It was a bit of a nightmare trying to clear out all of the upstairs the day before. On the morning the fitters were coming P and myself had to move the furniture from the girls and J’s rooms into ours. Luckily, we knew the bunk beds were coming the next day, so we dismantled A’s cotbed and we were getting rid of K’s bed anyway as it was pretty old. This just meant that once the carpet had been put in the kids rooms, P could just move the furniture in to there so they could do our room. Thankfully P’s dad came round to help him out!

By the time I came home just after 6pm everything was done.

As the girls had no beds, A slept in ours and K slept on her old mattress on her bedroom floor.

The bunk beds arrived at a reasonable time on Friday, but this meant I had 3 boxes and 2 mattresses sitting in my lounge. I eagerly wanted to move them upstairs. but that would have been rather silly and irresponsible of me, so I left them. P popped back at lunch time (with his dad in tow) and they managed to get some of the bits assembled before having to go back to work again.

They both cracked on again in the evening, but it was nearly 11pm by the time they had finished. We’d already agreed the children could stay up to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony, but they were starting to get grotty. A had crashed on the sofa hours previously.

We’re really pleased with the carpet and bunk beds. The carpet makes upstairs feel a lot warmer and you don’t hear as much noise now. The bunk beds really make the girls room look better. We were going to get a bed guard for A but she seems to be doing well without one. I make sure she is tucked in against the wall and she is more than capable of getting out nicely without hurting herself. The only issue we have had is when P popped her in the top bunk with K, and A decided to climb on top of the wardrobe!! Talk about giving me a heart attack!!

I’m just glad she’s not attempted to climb the ladders herself (yet!).

Next Phase: New Windows and sliding door!! Can’t wait 🙂



  1. August 9, 2012 / 10:57 pm

    Wow, it’s all taking shape! It made me wish we took more photographs as we were doing our house up 🙂