Home Projects Summer 2012: Part Three

If you have read my Home Projects Summer 2012: Part One and Part Two then you will know how much we have already done to the house over the summer.

Part Three of our Home Projects are the interior doors. The old doors are horrid. They’re not great quality, and are the original doors installed when our houses were built in approx 1986. There was a hole through the bottom of the kitchen door where I put my foot through it after slipping on a toy that one of the children had left on the floor. The door between the hallway and lounge had a hole in from when J threw a toy at it in a tantrum. J had also covered his door in stickers and they just all looked old and tatty with horrid faded brass handles.

Our news doors are nice and white and have shiny silver handles that match the windows.

P’s friend H came over to help install them. It’s so handy knowing someone who is great at DIY as we wouldn’t really know where to start, especially as we needed to actually cut holes out for the handles etc.

The men managed to get most of the doors fitted in one day, and H was given a roast dinner for all his effort 🙂 … He had to pop back a few days later in the evening to finish hanging the last 2 doors, so he got another meal.

We’re really pleased with how they have turned out, and the house is finally starting to look nice 🙂