Homemade Advent Calendar

This year I decided to make the children an Advent Calendar rather than buy them chocolate ones (not that K can have a chocolate one anyway as she is allergic to Cocoa). Besides, I thought it would be nicer and I can fill it with little treats and gifts for them.

The type of Advent Calendar I’ve gone for is simple and very easy to make.

To make the Advent Calendar you will need:
* 24 Paper Bags in colour(s) of your choice. I chose Red and Blue.
* Mini Pegs and rope/wire. I picked up a Christmas Card holder that had little mini pegs with Christmas Trees on.
* Stickers (to seal the bags).
* Pen (to write the advent numbers on the bag)
* Gifts/Treats to fill the bags with. I picked up a few gifts quite cheaply in sale racks etc.


Making the Calendar is easy. Simply number the bags, fill with gift/treat for each child, seal with a sticker and hang. The children can then take it in turns to open a bag every day and see what’s inside.



Can’t wait until Advent Starts!