Horrible Histories at Warwick Castle

We love Warwick Castle. It’s a place we visit at least once a year, as we hold Merlin Annual Passes.

There are vast grounds to explore, as well as the castle, and there are always plenty of activities to do for the children.

For Easter they have Horrible Histories Foul Fayres with Smashing Saxons vs Vicious Vikings, Measly Middle Ages, Slimy Stuarts, Gorgeous Georgians, and Vile Victorians. You get to venture through over one thousand years of history, play action packed games and find out some foul facts!

Upon arrival the children were each given a little activity pack lanyard. You have to visit each of the different areas, collecting stamps as you go to earn a certificate at the end, as well as a few fun activities to play.

The kids loved it! They loved reading all the gruesome facts about each era, and there were characters a plenty on hand to entertain and teach the kids some fun facts – so all the time they were learning without even realising!

At the Smashing Saxons vs Vikings, the children got to row a viking boat, learn the alphabet in Runes and play a saxon game.

Warwick Castle

At the Measly Middle Ages we played a game of guessing cures for certain illnesses and learnt the reasons behind them. Some of the cures seemed absurd, and we discovered that doctors prescribed rich people to eat powdered emeralds to cure the plague. Obviously this wasn’t true and was a case of doctors taking advantage of the rich for their own gain!

Warwick Castle

The Slimy Stuarts had to be the funniest! The actor was a real hoot, cracking some great jokes for the parents and singing some rather good songs! The children learnt about good and bad manners with the Slimy Stuarts too!

Who knew that they wore a sash to wipe their hands on after eating?

Warwick Castle


At the Gorgeous Georgians they played garden croquet and found a Georgian recipe for Strawberry Fritters

Warwick Castle

At the Vile Victorians, the children got to experience a real life Victorian class – a lot harder and stricter than what they have today!

Did you know that some of the rules in Victorian school were:

  • No Dishonesty – so no lying, cheating or stealing.
  • Be Invisible
  • No Followers – no, not twitter related! This is for the girls and means no boyfriends! Education was expensive and the last thing the Victorians wanted was to educate a girl, for her to fall in love, get married and start a family
  • Stay Fit
  • Be Smart – this doesn’t relate to intelligence, but clothes! You must look smart at all times.

Warwick Castle

As well as the Horrible Histories, the girls and I went in to the Princess Tower where we met the Princess and Paul took Jake and Kyla in to the Kingmaker where they got to find out what it would be like to walk in to battle!

Warwick Castle

We also had a walk around the Rose Gardens and had a peek in down in the old Ice House. A butterfly took a shine to Paul and kept landing on his head. It flew on to my head for a while, then back to Paul’s where it stayed for a good few minutes, even though we were walking around!

Just before we left, we thought it was only right that the children went in the stocks! Now, where can I get some of these for home!

Warwick Castle

We had another great day out at Warwick Castle and would recommend visiting it if you get the chance! The always have lots of fun events on, and even though we have been loads of times, it never gets boring as there is always so much to see!