Is it important to know about Politics?

I was listening to LBC yesterday and they were discussing an incident on Twitter a week or so ago where 20-year-old Beautician, Gemma Worrall, from Lancashire tweeted “if barraco barner is our president why is he getting involved with Russia, scary”.

Now, I can kind of forgive spelling errors. Most people Everyone makes them, and aren’t we taught in school to spell it how it sounds? BUT the thing I find most alarming, is that a person who supposedly has 17 GCSE’s does not know that her own country, a country she lives in (and I presume born in) does not have a President! We have a Royal Family and a Prime Minister! This is a person who is entitled to VOTE! A person who is entitled to cast her opinion on who gets to run the country she lives in, except she doesn’t even know who the current Prime Minister is.

I have known who every one of our Prime Ministers were from the mid-nineties…. and I was only born in 1984!!

The debate really got me thinking.

Is it important that we know about politics? Is it vital, as citizens of a country, to know who runs it, who is in charge of what, and what we do/don’t get involved in?

I would like to consider myself as a fairly intelligent person and the older I get, the more I am finding myself interested in politics –  in the politicians who run my local area, as well as who run my country. I like to know what is going on, what we are getting involved in. It is the only way I feel that I can make an educated and informed opinion and be able to voice that opinion without feeling stupid.

I know not everyone is the same and that some really couldn’t care less – but should they? Shouldn’t we, as a society, know more about politics? Especially the main politicians who have the bigger say in how the country is run at that very moment?

I am not saying that we should all start watching the speeches in Parliament or reading broadsheet newspapers – but we should be taking an interest. We should be educating ourselves, and our children, on who runs our country and their names. We should be interested in the reasonings behind why we get involved in other countries, why we step in and help, or go to war with others rather than just speculating and creating an opinion based on nothing but our own thoughts on the matter.

Shouldn’t we be educating our children, especially those coming up to vote, in politics so they can give their vote knowing that they have made the best decision, not just for their future but for other people’s futures too?

I would love to know your opinion. Do you think it is important to know about politics, or is it a load of old tripe and can’t really be bothered with it?