InviZimals: The Lost Kingdom & The Alliance


Last weekend Jake and I got on the train and headed to the Barbican for the launch of the new InviZimals games – The Lost Kingdom on PS3 and The Alliance on the PSVita.

We went to Playstation’s Playfest last summer and Jake really enjoyed playing the InviZimals games, so he was super excited for this event. We were greeted by one of the InviZimal characters, Tigershark, upon entrance to the event (as well as some yummy food for lunch!) and then given a talk about the new InviZimal games by Mitsuo Hirakawa and John McLaughlin, the producers behind the games. inviZimals

Mitsuo and John told us about the 2 new InviZimal games being released, The Alliance on PSVita and The Lost Kingdom on PS3. We were also told how the games have cross play, so they can be played across the PSVita and the PS3 and you can link up with other players to stage frenzied four player battles and trade even more Invizimals.

We were also told about the InviZimals the TV Show, although there is no UK release date yet, the InviZimals Trading cards and 2 new playsets that are coming soon. inviZimals

The technology behind the InviZimal games are just surreal. Both the game and TV show have augmented reality, meaning that the InviZimals truly come to life. When playing InviZimals with the PSVita, you can have them out on the street, climbing buildings, or even battling on your kitchen table!

The TV Show also feature augmented reality and you are able to capture new InviZimals when a special code pops up on the screen. Once you capture the InviZimal, they crash their way out of the TV, which is really very clever! inviZimals

The Games


InviZimals: The Alliance is available on PSVita and is all about having fun on the run as you hunt for InviZimals everywhere. These tiny and mysterious creatures live all around us but only your PSVita can see them. You can track InviZimals through your garden, in the playground or in the car and capture your favourites to build a collection of 140 classic and new creatures.

InviZimals: The Lost Kingdom is available on PS3 and this time you get to explore the world of the InviZimals! Players get to play a character called Hiro, a young explorer who discovers a magic portal that teleports him to the Lost Kingdom which is a land under attack from a rampaging robot army. In the Lost Kingdom, as Hiro, players get to transform into 16 of the most popular InviZimals and use their unique powers and abilities to solve puzzles and battle against enemies. Both games have cross play to make playing even more fun!

Invizimals: The Alliance on PS Vita and Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom on PS3 are both available from the 28th March!

We had a great time playing the new games and if you have an InviZimal fan already then these games are a must! If you haven’t, then I would totally check them out!

*Disclaimer – We were invited to the event to learn more about the new InviZimal games. We were not expected to write about the event – however we really did love playing the games and had such a fun time!