Is it bedtime yet?!?

Today has been yet another hectic day here. Is there ever such a thing as a quiet day when you have kids?

My husband decided to put his back out a few days ago, so it was up to me to take Jake to his Saturday morning football training. Standing in the cold and wind is my ideal way to spend my Saturday morning…NOT! I’d much rather be snuggled up in my nice warm bed catching some more Zzz’s.

So, there I am, looking glamorous as ever…haha me? glamorous? Those who know me will know I’m far from it! I enjoy fashion, but sadly it doesn’t enjoy me & trying to pull off a fashionable look..well, I just look rather silly to be honest. As usual, I looked liked I’d just rolled out of bed & thrown anything on…to be fair I had…but sshh don’t go telling the others! Jeans, hoody, snow boots and a nice cuppa tea in a thermal cup was on the agenda today.

Hubster was on bath duty at home with Kyla. The baby, Abigail, had come with me…all snug in her pushchair, as today, both elder members of the brat pack had parties to attend.

Footie training over, dash home to make sure Kyla is dressed appropriately (she has a thing of wearing tights as trousers and we struggle to convince her otherwise). Throw the dirty boy in the bath & head out the door in less than an hour…and because I am “Supermum”, I managed it!

Kyla taken to party, another mad dash home to collect J for his party. We manage a quick bite to eat and before we know it, it’s time to collect the hyperactive duo.

Son decided to devour a whole tube of Smarties in one go on the way home! I kid you not! This boy shovels food in like it’s going to get pinched from his plate if it’s not eaten quick enough. I swear, he doesn’t even chew! You should see him eating…it’s like bugs bunny eating a carrot.

As a result of the party food, excitement , and sugar rush, he is bouncing off the Walls like a human pin ball. Kyla is prancing around in nothing but tights and shoes, singing some made up song about who-knows-what. Abigail is teething, so screaming at the top of her lungs, a Paul (hubby) looks like he needs a walking stick more than his 90yr old grandmother. Me?…I’ve got a splitting headache & slowly counting down the minutes….

Is it bedtime yet?!?

R x

P.S – if anyone lives/visiting near Shepperton, Surrey, I highly recommend The Goats Carvary Stack for a quick bite to eat!!! Delish!