Last minute Fathers Day Gift Ideas

With Father’s Day on Sunday (15th incase you have forgotten!), I thought I would put together a little list of some last-minute gifts for him – because, well, I know how busy us mums are!

Fathers days gifts really don’t have to be extravagant or even expensive – after all, they are meant to be from the children!

Here are some fun, quirky and homemade gifts for Dad this Father’s Day!


fathers day Why not get Dad some grown up playdoh for Father’s Day? Sugru is so versatile and clever that it can used every day of the year to fix, modify and make pretty much anything! This new wonder material is great for repairing those worn out cables, fixing car interiors, protecting beloved gadgets and just get creative! Sugru sets overnight and is electronically insulated!

They currently have some great Father’s Day Bundle deals which can be found on their website –



fathers dayWe have one of these already – I actually bought it for Paul as a gift a few years ago (although I think it was a Christmas gift….but works just as well for Fathers Day!). You’ll never have to use a spoon to stir your tea or coffee again with this quirky self stir mug from I Want One Of 





fathers day How about getting the kids to make daddy something this Father’s day. There are many things that you can get creative with. For example; buying some cheap white mugs/plates/bowls and some sharpie pens. Allow the children to decorate how they like and then pop them in the oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. It will certainly be a unique and one of a kind present.

I love this ‘Dad’s Stache” tray from Modern Parents Messy Kids.


*Disclaimer – I was sent a 8 mini packs of Sugru to have a play with. This post is my own recommendations for Fathers Day Gifts.