A little bit of a change

I’m having a bit of a change about here on the  blog.

Nothing major – but I am changing the way that you receive emails from me in to your inbox.

Before, when you signed up to receive posts to your inbox, every time a post was published it would go straight to your inbox. Some weeks I can post quite a bit, so I didn’t want to appear as to be a bit spammy – so I have changed the set up.

From now on, when you sign up to receive emails to your inbox you will receive a weekly “Newsletter”. This is just one email from me, on a Saturday which will include highlights and links to ALL the blog posts that were published that week.

I think it looks smarter and it has everything there in one post.

If you already subscribe to the blog and receive each post to your inbox but would like to receive the weekly newsletter instead, then just pop me an email at rachel@confessionofsahm.com and I will swap you over.

And all those who have subscribed to the new Weekly Newsletter – I really hope you like it!!