Little Street West Byfleet Review

Little Street West Byfleet


It’s not often I post up a review that is related to or contains the children. If you’re a regular reader, then you will see that I have slowly moved away from the ‘parenting’ blog, but this was something I just had to share with you all.

Last week, Zachary and I were invited to the opening day of Little Street West Byfleet.

Little Street is an award-winning role play centre for young children.

Role play is such a vital part of growing up and something that children naturally love to do. Little Street has taken that part of childhood and created a realistic street designed specifically with little people in mind.

The play centre features lots of different areas to explore:


Little Street West Byfleet


Little Street West Byfleet


Little Street West Byfleet


Little Street West Byfleet


Little Street West Byfleet


Little Street West Byfleet

Little Street operate pre-defined play sessions and keep the numbers low so each child’s experience will be of high quality. At the end of each play period, time and care are taken to restore Little Street back to its original state with every prop returned to its right place for the next group of children to enjoy.


Little Street is a must visit!

I have never visited anywhere quite like it. I usually tend to avoid soft play because I just cannot deal with the chaos they bring. However, Little Street is so well structured.

The area where the children play is large and full of so much to do, they will most certainly not be bored during their 90-minute session.

Zachary has sensory issues and development delay, so I wasn’t sure how he was going to react as sometimes he finds outings too overwhelming, but he really enjoyed himself. It’s a place where children can play together, or play solo. And they can use their imagination to their heart’s content and be whoever they want to be.

It wasn’t just a great experience for him but was wonderful for me to see him enjoy playing and creating his own stories.

As soon as we left, he asked to go back – something which we will most definitely be doing!

Little Street West Byfleet


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