#MMSkydive – Matilda Mae SkyDive

SkyDive for Matilda Mae


I have written a post before about Jennie at Edspire who lost her baby girl Matilda Mae to SIDS on the 2nd February 2013, aged just 9 months old.

The lovely Hayley from Simply Hayley had an absolutely, ridiculous idea to jump out of a plane in Memory of Matilda Mae and for The Lullaby Trust! Crazy right?

What’s even crazier is that I have agreed to join her! Although I am not alone and several other blogger are also missing a few marbles and doing it too.

Funnies aside, we really couldn’t think of a better reason to jump!

Now we will get to the actual reason for this post! I NEED YOU…well your money really.

I need to raise £400 in sponsorship before we jump and I need your help to get me there. Now, when you sponsor me, you’re not only sponsoring me to jump 10,000 foot out of a plane…oh no! I am going to do something a little wacky too! I have even managed to rope Hayley in to it! Once I have raised the £400 needed, Hayley and I will dye our hair Pink & Purple in honour of Matilda Mae’s favourite colour.

So there you have it…get me to £400 sponsorship and not only will I get to jump from a plane, but I will do it with Pink and Purple hair! If that is not worth sponsoring me for, then I don’t know what is!

To sponsor me, please visit my JustGiving sponsorship page


The jump will take place at Brackley Airfield in Oxford on Saturday July 20th 2013.

Meet The Team

The rest of the Blogging Crazies are:

Simply Hayley

GhostWriter Mummy

Sussex Mummy

Mum on the Brink

The Crowther Clan

Chubs and Love

We also have some fabulous non-blogging crazies joining us!

You can also see our Team JustGiving Page {here} to see how much we have raised collectively so far.

Please sponsor me, even if it just a little! I really want to jump for The Lullaby Trust in Matilda Mae’s Memory!

You can also text to sponsor me! Simply send a text message saying: MMSD84 £1 to 70070 to sponsor me just £1!!

Pssst..you can also grab the code for our crazy badge to show your support! It’s just up the top there….