#MDFV2015: Bozukkale Castle, Turkey

Do you know how amazingly tranquil it is to wake up and hear nothing but waves lapping at the sides of a boat? Gently rocking with them as you lay in bed just soaking it all in? It’s wonderful. Utterly blissful.

Pothole Morning

This was how I awoke on our first morning on the gulet. We all woke early, around 6:30am to enjoy some morning tea before our morning Yoga session, just as the sun was rising.

I really didn’t think that I would enjoy Yoga so early in the morning, but it is a fabulous way to start the day!

After yoga, we had a wonderful breakfast of eggs, cucumber, tomatoes, cheeses, honey, jams and bread – and then set off on a 2.5 hour journey to do our first hike of the week!

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Bozukkale Castle

Bozukkale harbor is popular for the blue voyage yachts and boats with its protective area and has a lot of history attached to it.

The fleet of Athens have moored here in 1412BC and also gathered here in 395BC for the Knidos Sea War. You can find remains of the ancient city of Loryma, dating from the 7th century BC, although this is a 2 hour trek from the harbour. These 7th century BC ruins were once part of the foundations of Rhodes and originally established in a region known as Oplosica (Artillery Smith) 40km from Marmaris.

The most protected remnant is the castle in the harbor with a 120 meters of height and 10 meters of width, and has nine towers on the top walls. The condition of the castle is good, although no remnants of any building within the castle remain today.

During the era of Byzantiums, the area was a fleet base and weapon warehouse.


From where our gulet was anchored, had to take the small speedboat over to the jetty – where I saw the cutest little boat, bobbing up and down in the clear blue sea.


We hiked for around an hour and despite it being in the midday heat, the hike wasn’t too bad. The breathtaking views certainly made up for it too!

Ali gave us so much history about Bozukkale Castle and what it was used for! He even told us that Cleopatra once frequented there!

To think that you were walking somewhere that has been around for thousands of years and holds so much history, is incredible.

Bozukkale Hike

When the hike was over – we waited for our ride back to the boat. Standing there, I could see that the distance wasn’t too far – and mentioned the thought of swimming back. Cynthia and Amy both opted to swim back with me, whilst the others took our clothes, shoes and bags back to the boat for us!

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The water was cold at first, when we first jumped in, but you soon got used to it. Once we got back to the boat, we got the others to throw down some snorkels, and they joined us! We all had a fab time swimming and snorkelling until it was time to leave Bozukkale, and head to Adabogazi for the night.

Our evening was completed with circuits, dinner, Raki tasting, Backgammon and a film! A perfect way to end an amazing first full day!

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Disclaimer – I was invited to travel with Mediterranean Delights Fitness Voyage in order to write about my experience. All opinions are my own.


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