#MDFV2015: Panormitis Monastery

Sunday – the day of rest.

After our morning yoga and breakfast, we set off to the Panormitis Monastery.

We anchored up slightly off the shore and were ferried over on the little speedboat.

We were required to cover up, and had to make sure that shoulders and knees were covered, out of respect.


The Panormitis Monastery is one of many churches and monasteries on Symi that is devoted to the Archangel Michael. It is the most important on the island and the second largest in the Dodecanese.

Archangel Michael Panormitis is not only considered Symi’s patron saint but also the guardian of sailors in the entire Dodecanese area.


The monastery is a large 18th Century Venetian-styled building with the highest baroque bell tower in the world, although the original church of St. Michael was built around 450 AD on the site of an ancient temple to Apollo.

The inner courtyard has its own church along with some stunning pebble mosaic (hokhlaki) courtyards.

The church contains wonderful chandeliers as well as a silver-leafed representation of Archangel Michael. There is something special about this church. The feeling you get upon entering and looking around is truly incredible. It speaks to you. A few of us emerged from the church in tears having felt overwhelmed with the feeling of being in there.

There is also a small museum adjacent and you may climb the steps to the tiered rows of cells that still house the monks but are now also available for travellers to rent on a nightly basis.

There were restrictions within the monastery for taking photographs, so unfortunately I didn’t get as many as I would have liked. It is one of those places that if you ever visit Greece, head to Symi and check it out!

After we had checked out the two museums within the monastery, we wandered around outside and had some ice cream and a coffee at a local cafe before waiting for our ride back to the gulet.

Once back on board, we set off to a little idea, that Cindy from MDFV named ‘Cutea’.

There we did some more water sports, got the kayak’s out and even spotted a dolphin!



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