#MDFV2015: Symi Island, Greece

After a couple of nights in the quiet and still of secluded coves, sleeping within a busy harbour is certainly a lot different.

We started our morning in the usual way, with morning tea followed by Yoga – which again, doing it whilst surrounded by several boats and people watching, is kind of unnerving, but we just focused on the exercises at hand.

After breakfast, we did a walking tour of Symi, where Ali walked us around the harbour, and up to the Monastery.


The harbour was full of wonderful looking buildings and boats – despite having large ferries dock occasionally.

Once we turned the corner and started heading away from the harbour, we got to see the true beauty of Symi.

About Symi

Symi is a small island of over 13km north to south and 8km east to west and located in the Southern Dodacanese which is north of Rhodes and close to the south-west Turkey coast.

Divided into distinctive areas, Symi is made up of:

  • Yialos (the main harbour)
  • Chorio (village which is the top town)
  • Pedi Bay (the valley below Chorio and south of Yialos)
  • Nimborios (the bay and settlement to the north of Yialos)
  • Marathounda (a small settlement)
  • Panormitis (where this is a major monastery)

We hiked up to the monastery of the Archangel Michael at Roukouniotis. We were not permitted to take pictures at the monastery but were allowed to take pictures leading up to it (until we saw the saw ‘no photography’ sign).

The monastery of the Archangel Michael at Roukouniotis was built by the knights of St. John in the 14th century on the ruins of an important 5th-century monastery, which in turn was built on the remains of a pre-Christian temple. It is a very sacred piece of greek architecture.

Once we had passed the monastery, we made our way back down to the harbour through the village, Chorio.

All the buildings had such a rustic feel to them. You could tell that they have been around for many years, as well as there being some rather artistic uses for old cars and mopeds.

After our hike, we set off for Dimos Island where we did a bit of swimming before we set off to Maroni Island for some action-packed water sports.

I really wish I had taken more pictures of the evening. Especially the water sports as we all had such a blast!

I wasn’t sure at first if I wanted a go – we had a rubber ring (Ringo) and a hot dog banana boat thing, which we nicknamed ‘cock rocket’.

Ramona and Nik, then Katie and Ben went up first on ‘cock rocket’, then Amy was up on the ringo.

I hopped into the speedboat with Ali as we pulled her round. I had never laughed so much! We were pulling her round, then we turned, rather sharply, and Amy flew out of the Ringo.

Then it was my turn.

I settled down into the ringo, and Ali told me that they would throw me out, but he would count down on his fingers when, so I would get some warning and to make sure I let go.

We sped off, twisting and turning, water spraying everywhere. Then the countdown began.

5… 4… 3…

*let’s go*

2… 1… sharp turn….

and nothing.

I did not budge out of that Ringo! I was well and truly wedged in. I wiggled myself lose, and we went again. This time I managed to get out and was flung into the sea.

The laughter coming from the boat was deafening!

Everyone had witnessed by failed attempt at not being thrown out of the ringo.

After our fun and games, we had dinner then settled down for the night, with this magnificent view.

2015-06-06 20.04.26 500

Disclaimer – I was invited to travel with Mediterranean Delights Fitness Voyage in order to write about my experience. All opinions are my own.



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